Dylan,GoldenLove团队中资历最具权威的存在(在品牌创办的第一个月加入),并且中文名的三个首字母就是品牌缩写:GDL  —— 这还真的不是用“缘分”和“巧合”就能解释的。

Dylan, the most authoritative presence in the GoldenLove team (joined in the first month of brand creation), and the three initials of his Chinese name are the brand abbreviations: GDL—— this is really not the use of "fate" and " Coincidence "can explain.

多年来,无论是零下20度雪景还是高温40度的沙漠,仅2个人的甜蜜婚礼还是过千人规模的大型婚礼场景,又或者,公司所面对过的逆境和辉煌时刻 —— 他都是最近距离、最坚定、最可信的成员。

For many years, whether it is a snowy landscape of minus 20 degrees or a desert of high temperature of 40 degrees, a sweet wedding with only two people or a large wedding scene with a scale of more than a thousand people, or the adversity and glorious moments the company has faced —— he always be the Closest, most determined and trusted member.


With solid photography skills and interesting communication guidance, Dylan has become one of the directors with the highest customer satisfaction all the year round. He is good at diverse styles, warm, joyful and emotional, and HOLD the international fashion style easily.